Available 24-7

The department is equipped with:

• Beds connected directly to an oxygen source and a central suction system.

• Equipments which are necessary for critical situations handling such as; Defibrillator, defibrillators, monitors, electrocardiogram, blood gas monitor.

• Special team of cardiologists to work in emergencies.

• A trauma team consisting of a neurosurgeon, a general surgeon, an intensive care specialist and an orthopedic surgeon, are required immediately to deal with any critical trauma situation upon arrival.

• All diagnostic services (radiology - laboratory - catheter ...) are available 24 hours in cooperation with the intensive care unit to ensure that the correct decisions are taken while dealing with sensitive cases.

There is a daily 24-hour emergency medicine specialist in addition to resident doctors in the following specialties:

·   General Surgery

·   Internal medicine

·   Orthopedic

·   Intensive care

·   Heart and blood vessels

We also provide a 24/7 laboratory, x-ray and electrocardiogram service for emergencies