Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We are a patient centric Hospital, established ourselves as a Hospital that cares, it's all about improving our patient's comfort, quality of life and wellbeing , so our patients need to know their rights and responsibilities.


Patient Rights

    • Be fully informed about his rights, responsibilities, information about his condition, & to respond to his inquiries in a simplified language.

    • Know the treating doctor & caregivers.

    • Access adequate care in case of pain or disability.

    • Have an access to appropriate care (in case of its availability in the hospital) with equity, & according to his values & beliefs, & that keeps his dignity.

    • Be informed about his care decisions & to participate in their making after being informed about their results, alternatives, & consequences of not following them.

    • Be informed about benefits, complications, alternatives, &success  rates  of  invasive   procedures,  surgeries,  blood &blood  products  transfusion, anesthesia,  sedation,  organ transplantation, chemotherapy, renal/hepatic  dialysis,  & contrast injection, & to sign informed consent before undergoing or administrating them

    • Can refuse care rendered & to discontinue treatment after being informed about the consequences.

    • Keep his security, property, privacy, & confidentiality.

    • Meet his needs, & to submit complaints or suggestions for which the hospital will pursue adoption.

    • Know the price of services rendered by the hospital.

    • Rights that are approved by ministry of health laws and regulation

Patient Responsibilities

    • Have to follow hospital rules & regulations.

    • Have to respect other patients & hospital personnel.

    • Inform caregivers about all his medical history information.

    • Follow plan of care agreed upon with treating doctor.

    • Inform caregivers about any symptoms or change in health status, including pain

    • Not to leave the hospital during course of treatment except after permission of treating doctor &hospital management.

    • Assume responsibility for the consequences of refusing treatment or leaving hospital against medical advice, & to sign the relevant informed consents.

    • Not to keep valuables in his possession & to deliver them to hospital security to be saved.

    • Follow hospital official visiting hours.

    • Protect the hospital facilities.

    • Not to bring food or drink from outside the hospital for protecting patients health, as well as fireplaces, heaters …. etc.

    • Meet hospital financial obligations in a timely manner.