In-Patient Department

  • All rooms are designed with modern furniture,
  • up to date to the highest standards that ensure the complete (safety, isolation, privately and wellbeing of our patients).
  • The beds are easily adjustable, can be easily controlled by the patient, and are equipped with a bed head unit that includes medical gas, a call button, and a light.

All of our rooms are equipped with:

    • Bathroom

    • Showering facilities

    • T.V

    • Telephone

    • Refrigerator


Inpatient department at Nasaaem Hospitals consists of;

  •  Royal Suite.
  •  Junior single room 
  •  senior single room 
  •  Double rooms.


Relieving patients pain is our main aim, we do offer all ways of comfort and entertainment for them during their admission period.

Rooms have been designed to guarantee patients’ safety, infection control and quality in addition to all psychological support.

All our internal services are provided under the supervision of an integrated highly qualified medical team of physicians and nurses.

Our staff works around the clock, always dedicated to offering the best care for our patients.