Emergency Department

Emergency Department is one of the most advanced EDs in Egypt due to its ability to handle all emergency and critical cases immediately and effectively. The department is equipped with;

- Beds directly connected to Oxygen supply and a central suction system.

- Portable incubators with a mobile ventilator for neonates.

- Devices needed for critical cases handling like; defibrillator, pacemakers, monitoring screens, electrocardiogram, blood gas monitor.

- Special beds for cardiac care and emergency labor.

- Trauma team consisting of neurosurgeon, general surgeon, intensive care specialist and orthopedic surgeon, Which is immediately requested to handle any critically ill trauma case upon arrival.

- All diagnostic services are available ( Radiology – laboratory – cath lab - OR ) 24 hours working in cooperation with an intensive care unit to ensure making the right decisions while dealing with sensitive cases.

Our physicians are specialized in emergency medicine & certified from European Resuscitation Council, American Heart Association and they are always ready to provide healthcare that is worth your trust.Emergency department